President Obama: A Promise Fulfilled

My congratulations to the courageous Navy Seals who carried out the mission so successfully, to the intelligence community, to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, to the head of the CIA and to President Obama, our Commander-in-Chief.   I am pleased to see many in the Republican leadership also giving credit to President Obama and his administration.  We all know that if the raid had failed, then the majority of his critics would have blamed President Obama, yet they refuse to give him credit when a military operation which he ordered is an unqualified success.

We give Lincoln credit for winning the Civil War, Roosevelt and Truman credit for winning WWII, George Bush Senior credit for the Persian Gulf War.  We also blame President Johnson for Vietnam and President George W. Bush for the Iraq War (which Pres. Obama ended). We continue to blame Jimmy Carter for the aborted mission which failed to free our American hostages.  President Kennedy justifiably receives credit for the successful outcome in the Cuban Missile Crisis and blame for the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Clearly Americans blame Presidents for war failures and give credit for war victories to our President/Commander in Chief—UNLESS of course, he happens to be a certain African-American President by the name of Barack Obama.  Fair is fair.  At least have the common sense and decency (regardless of your political party) to give credit where credit is due—to the Navy Seals AND to President Obama and his administration.

One of President Obama’s earliest promises in his campaign was to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden.  He has kept that promise in his capacity as both President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces.  Those who are quick to blame him for promises not-yet-fulfilled should give him credit for fulfilling this important campaign promise and personal commitment to the American people.



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6 responses to “President Obama: A Promise Fulfilled

  1. Bookworm

    Well said. I’m astounded at how some of the R’s are including Bush’s name in thanking Mr. Obama for this. It bogles the mind, but it shouldn’t, I guess. Thanks for telling it as you see it and speaking your mind.


    • mrgrosky

      Thanks for the kind comment. I note that even Dick Cheney and Karl Rove congratulated both President Obama and his administration–and they have been some of his harshest critics!

  2. Susan Peirce Ursprung

    Good job as usual Mitch! I agree wholeheartedly with “fair is fair”.

  3. Chris Levich

    I do have to say, when I saw the Today show the morning after the raid I was surprised. I hadn’t heard about Bin Ladin during the night. It reminded me of the morning I woke up as a boy, and President Carter had ordered an ill-fated mission in the Iranian Hostage Crisis where helicopters also crashed… only this time, it is President Obama… and the good guys won!

  4. mrgrosky

    I remember that disastrous mission as if it were just yesterday. Happily, this one worked out much better! Thanks for the comment!

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