A Better Rolling Stone Cover

Boston Bombing  final final final


This week saw the release of the Rolling Stone’s Magazine cover with the article about the alleged terrorist.  The cover has created outrage across Massachusetts and many in other parts of the country, as well. My question:  Why not a Rolling Stones Cover featuring the HEROES of the Boston Marathon?   The magazine could still have an article (if they wanted one) on how the young man became a monster on the INSIDE of the magazine. If anything, they could put a picture of the alleged bomber into a small insert on the cover, alluding to an article within.  I tried to show what, in my opinion,  the cover could look like if the editors were more concerned about the feelings of the 300 plus victims and the people of Boston– if they were more concerned with glorifying the HEROES of that day, rather than the alleged terrorist. I want to note that I have just finished the article and I found it to be insightful and valuable in understanding how this young man became an (alleged) murderous bomber, though I found the portrayal to be a bit overly-sympathetic.  My point is not that they should not have written the article–only that their choice for the cover was a poor one.  What do you think?


Note:   Thanks to John Tlumacki, David L. Ryan, Darren Mccollester, and Bill Greene for the photos of the heroes–which I combined into a collage.



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2 responses to “A Better Rolling Stone Cover

  1. Sorry, that cover is awful. Focus on just one hero as representative of all of them.

    A different problem is that the hero angle has been done to death, IMO. The RS cover promises an in-depth look at how the Boston bombers went from seemingly normal, good-looking kids to mass murderers. That’s what people are interested in. I can’t really picture RS doing a heroes piece anyway.

    • mrgrosky

      Hello. Sorry you felt the cover was “awful.” I actually worked hard on it, trying to make the point that the magazine could have STILL done the article on the alleged murderer but featured a more uplifting subject on the cover. I just saw Chris Wallace on Fox News Boston saying that the RS cover “glamorized a punk and a killer.” Rolling Stone could have done the exact same story without glamorizing him so much had they chosen to place either the heroes or the (recovering) victims on the cover. If they insisted, they could have placed the alleged bomber in a small insert on the cover–as other magazines have done. Their choice of this particular photo (rather than the angry black and white one sometimes shown) also makes him look like a rock star—many have said like a young Bob Dylan. In any case, thanks for commenting.

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