Meet Mitch Grosky

Hi.  Welcome to my Blog.  I call it “This Week With Mitch Grosky” because each blog will  focus on the week just completed–on matters ranging from politics, to news,  to daily life, to sports and entertainment.   Anything and everything is fair game, so long as it is “appropriate” as I used to tell my students.  One week I might be discussing President Obama or John McCain, while another week I’ll be commenting on the Red Sox vs. the Yankees or the iPhone vs. the Droid.  Then again, on another week, I might just want to give a short review of the latest book I’ve read or the latest movie I’ve seen.  The sky’s the limit for this blog!

I’m only committing to about one entry per week or two because I am currently trying to keep up with my two other WordPress Photography blogs, my RedBubble site, my Zazzle site, my Greeting Card Universe site, and my photography club website.

Just a little background:

I am a retired elementary principal in a small town in Central Massachusetts.  I was also a teacher for 29 years, during which time I had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle school, and high school children–and even a few college classes.  I have taught reading, English, math, social studies, science, English composition, public speaking, and drama.  I loved teaching and administration, and I am fortunate enough to occasionally be called in to substitute as acting principal when principals are out of District .

I am also a freelance photographer who specializes in nature and travel photography.

My wife–who is a recently retired award-winning  middle school special needs teacher–and I love to travel, and over the past 20 years we have cruised to Canada, nearly every island in the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, and to more than twenty European destinations.  At times we have traveled with my daughter (who recently completed her Master’s Degree in early childhood education), and my son, who is both working and attending community college.

My travels have provided me with the material for 35,000 to 45,000 photos, and hours upon hours of joy.

Upon retiring from education,  I took a whirlwind 27-day cross-country trip from Boston as far west as Wyoming and Utah and then back.  8000 miles and nearly 9000 photos later, I am beginning to actively chronicle my trip in my photography blog ( hoping to one day find a publisher who is interested in a photography book narrating my experiences.

In addition to photography, I love Boston sports, trying to stay in shape at the gym, reading biographies and mysteries, acting in and directing plays, helping out in my wife’s school, teaching others to take better photos, and following politics through television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, and the Internet.

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are copyrighted (c) Mitchell R. Grosky Photography.  All Rights Reserved.  You may not use any image on this site without my written consent.  If you are interested in using any of my photos from this site or from any website, please send me a quick email at and let me know which photo(s) you are interested in.

Most of the photos on this site are available for sale.  If you are interested in a print, please contact me via email at with the subject line “Prints.”  Be sure to include the title of the photo, the date posted, and the print size in which you are interested.  I will get back to you immediately with details and pricing.

I am very interested in your comments –whether you agree or disagree.  I only ask  that if you disagree, you not be disagreeable.  I enjoy reading different points of view, but none of us needs to call names or be unpleasant in giving our opinions.  Please tell me what you like, and what just doesn’t work for you.  If you have any suggestions or tips, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for visiting my photo blog.  Please check in again from time to time!


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  1. Just stopping in and letting you know you’ve got another reader!

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