Really Beautiful Music

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I recently began a new facebook page. It is called, “Really Beautiful Music.” Really beautiful music is a gift to all of us throughout our lives. It can uplift us, inspire us, relax us, or help us to think. Such music can help us to face challenges, to soothe us, to deal with grief, to urge us to ask questions, to recall special times in our lives. Really beautiful music can help us to remember the love of our family and friends. It can make us smile, or laugh, or cry–or fill us with wonder! Most of all, it can profoundly move us in ways that are ever-growing and ever-changing. I hope to post at least one or two beautiful songs every week–songs that many of you will know or remember–songs from today, from the recent past, and from long ago–songs that may have had an impact on your life or may yet have such an impact. I hope that you will enjoy and “LIKE” the page, and also share it with others. I encourage you to comment on the song.  Tell us where you heard it last, or why it holds a special place in your heart–how it is meaningful to you or to a friend or family member.  
Please click on the link below to get to the “Really Beautiful Music” page.

Really Beautiful Music Facebook Page

Updated Really Beautiful Music

Really Beautiful Music Facebook Page


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